Helium Amplifier



  • Outdoor type, waterproof. The Tee Injector supports cables up to 30 meters(98 feet) .
  • Two models are available. EU 863-870MHz ISM Band, US 902-928MHz ISM Band 
  • MAX TX output power = 30dBm(1W).
  • TX Gain= 0-10 dB(B2B customers can be customized), with low pass filter.
  • RX Gain= 0-17 dB(B2B customers can be customized), Built-in low insertion loss SAW bandpass Pre-filter.
  • Provides a post-filter solution with very low noise figure, requiring an additional cavity filter.(B2B customers can be customized)
  • Install it, the communication distance can be double and double and and…
  • There are already 1000+ customers who have installed our products. the feedback is very satisfactory.
  • Very competitive price, there are discounts for bulk orders.

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