Signal Booster


  • Strongest signal, very light weight, wide power supply range.
  • 2.4GHz signal booster for WiFi, Drones, Video transmitter… All applications in the frequency range
  • It can enhance the signal, automatically identify the frequency of the host signal and switch the frequency band automatically.
  • It’s a bidirectional signal booster. Both receive and transmit can enhance the signal.
  • MAX RF Transmit Power = 8000 mW , Receive Gain = 16 dB.
  • Weight 50 grams, power supply range 11-26V, lithium battery 3S-6S.
  • Install it, the communication distance can be double and double and and…
  • There are already 1000+ customers who have installed our products. the feedback is very satisfactory.
  • There are discounts for bulk orders.

The latest radio technology !
Powerful RF signal boooster !
Longer communication distance than original 

We provide product or technology transfer.


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